HEMANI Aqua Cool Deodorant Spray 200mL

BRAND: HEMANI Fragrances

Fragrance Type: Body Spray

Perfume Name: Aqua Cool

Size: 200ml

Type: Deodorant

Gender: Men


Top Note: Citrus

Heart Note: Fougere, Herbal

Base Note: Oceanic, Woody

Inspiration: DAVIDOFF Cool Water

Directions: Directly spray on pulse points (neck, wrists). Lightly 2-3 sprays around the clothes and hair, or as desired.æ

Perfume Tips:
Moisturize skin before wearing perfume for a long-lasting scent. Do not rub the perfume scent on the skin
Store the perfume in a cool, dry place, preferably in its original box


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HEMANI Aqua Cool Deodorant Spray 200mL


HEMANI Aqua Cool Deodorant Spray 200mL


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