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Attar: An Evergreen Fragrance

by abdullah Farooq 20 May 2024

Attar perfume oil is a nonalcoholic perfume oil. It holds a cultural significance carrying untold classic tales along with it. The timeless beauty encapsulated in a vial is a part of the enchanting world of Arabian aroma and Persian scents. The hallmark of this ageless beauty is its purity and composition with natural ingredients. Attars are formed by mixing essential oils in considerate proportions to create different aromas. An age-old tradition of applying attar in religious congregations is alive till today and is the testament of the purity of attar fragrance still today. Hemani fragrances pay homage to this ritualistic beauty and produced best attar for men and women. You can check website to get best attar perfumes online.

Attar fragrance helps to adorn you in the best manner. Attar is extracted from the Persian dialect of the word “itr” which refers to the scent. It is a concentrated  scent that has a unique and defining fragrance.

 It is a rare form of fragrance constituted solely by scented oils. Attar perfumes are not mixed with any sort of chemicals or alcohol. Various perfumes are either Eau de perfume or Eau de toilette are 5% or 20 % concentrated with perfume oil mixed with alcohol. Whereas Attar is raw, pure, and free from alcohol. Therefore, it carries sacrilegious importance.  Attars are applied on pulse points directly instead of spraying.

Making Attar perfume oil:

Attard are hundred percent aromatic oil. Attars are the most concentrated perfume oils. Modern-day attars are combined with other perfumes to create different aromas. The aficionado of attar perfume oil don't consider them as attar. Pure attars are not to be mixed with other chemicals. It has unique scent that defines its core ingredient. Instead of a number of aromatic notes, Attar perfume oil has one defining fragrance that stauy close to the body and for a long time. It leaves a strong memory behind. The strong impression left on the mind is called sillage. Attar perfume has the strongest sillage among all perfumes. The true lovers of attars want to make attars with pure and concentrated oils instead of adulterating them with alcoholic perfumes to conserve cultural heritage. However, Attar are also used as career oil fragrance to constitute different perfumes for men and women. One such example is Oudh which is used to create hug scent perfume for men.

The captivating allure of attars:

Perfumes, generally, spread widely in a room due to alcohol molecules and the diffusion process takes place quickly. However, Attars are opposite to perfumes and body sprays as they doesn't diffuse due to the absence of alcohol. Attars sit on the surface of the skin and unfurl gradually with the time.  The attar lovers express their love for attars in words that attar fragrance is for our close ones. Attars with heavy molecules stay close to us and remain adorable for the ones in our inner circle. Check Hmeani Fragrances for Attar shop near me!

Application of Attar perfume oil:

Applying attar perfumes gives a long-lasting rich experience. Before applying fragrance the skin surface must be cleansed. Attars can stain the clothes therefore best way to apply attar perfume oil is on pulse points and on the veins that are closest to the skin. The natural warmth of the skin helps diffuse the fragrance of attar perfume oil. After applying the attar gently dab the skin to spread the attar perfume unanimously. Avoid too much rubbing as it can disrupt aromatic notes.

Attar perfume available at Hemani Fragrances:

Hemani fragrances offer a wide range of attar perfume oils extracted from flowers, herbs, spices, and aromatic woods. Each attar has its fragrance and effect according to its origin. Banafsaj attar perfume oil is of Indian origin. It is extracted from banafsaj flower which is a traditional Indian flower. The fragrance of Banafsaj attar perfume oil is sweet, floral, and powdery. It can be blended with other attar perfume oils to create a rhythm of aromas. Due to its soft aromatic notes it is best attar for women.



Attar Talia has deep Asian roots. It is extracted from the flower cape jasmine also known as talia flower in regional dialect. The notes of Attar talia are fruity, floral, and sweet. The aura of this fragrance is soothing and relaxing therefore, it is used in yoga, aromatherapy, and relaxing. Attar talia has a warm ambiance and is used to release stress and uplift mood. Attar talia is free from alcohol and extracted naturally. It can be blended with other natural essential oils or other perfumes to add depth and warmth.


Aneeqa Attar:

Aneeqa attar is composed of essential oils extracted from rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. This elixir is known for its floral and woody scent. It has a calming and soothing effect. The word Aneeqa is derived from Arabic word “aniqa” which means pure or chaste. Aneeqa attar perfume oil is considered for its high-quality scented perfume and long-lasting fragrance. The floral fragrance of rose and jasmine is quite sweet and the addition of sandalwood fragrance is deep and warm. It indulges in the soul and gives a memorable aromatic experience.



Attars are widely used and it will ever be cherished as an ancient treasure. Hemani fragrances have a wide range of Attar perfume oils such oud perfume for women or attar for men. Check the website to get best attars in affordable price.

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