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Selection Of Scent

by abdullah Farooq 03 May 2024

Choosing the best fragrance according to an occasion is an art. The scent compliments the ambiance, your personality, and your mood. The suitable fragrance helps to maintain warm communication with the audience. Therefore, a fragrance according to taste and situation is important. To select a perfect scent, we need to understand the psychology of scents and different notes and rhythms of fragrances. For a decade vintage solid perfumes were in use, however, these days perfumes are available in different forms such as bakhoor, attar perfume oils, and mist perfumes.

Moreover, according to the aroma family, the aroma notes have different olfactory sensations. The major aromatic families vary according to their composition and concentration of aromatic oils. The notes of aroma and concentration define the aromatic family. Hemani Fragrances crafted perfumes according to the olfactory sensations. Our perfumes are crafted after wide research and our perfume encapsulates adventure and old-time memories. 

Understanding fragrance families:

The floral families formulate the base of any perfume. Understanding the olfactory families will help us to identify the nature of scent which can be helpful for a better selection of fragrances. There are four major types of floral families, let's have some ideas about floral families:

Floral Fragrances: 

These fragrances are crafted by extracting aromatic oils from flowers and herbs. Various flowers with beautiful aromas include roses, jasmine, lilies, lavender, violet, and may otters. Floral fragrances can be further blended with different aromas of different olfactory families to create interesting aromas. If added with oud the new aroma is floral oriental or added with musk the new olfactory family is floral musk, similarly a lot of new fragrances can be created by adding different fragrances in the floral aroma. Floral fragrances are the notable ingredients in new west women’s perfume or women’s deodorant spray.

Oriental Fragrances:

These fragrances are from ancient times. Mostly these fragrances are warm and spicy such as musk, cinnamon, and vanilla. These fragrances are extracted from spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. These fragrances can be further categorized into intense oriental, soft oriental, or woody oriental. Persian mist perfumes are a best example of oriental fragrances.

Woody Fragrances:

These fragrances are extracted from woods such as sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli. The woody fragrances can be further subcategorized into mossy wood, dry wood, and oriental woods. Woody fragrances are the main notes in attars for men.

Fresh Fragrances:

These fragrances give the sensation of freshness. These fragrances are extracted from aquatic plants such as Bergamot is considered a most refreshing fragrance. Adding to aquatic plants, fresh scents are also extracted from citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. These fragrances are added with other olfactory floral scents to create profound fragrances. Fresh fragrances speak of zeal and zest and are marked as the best men’s perfume 2024.

Oud Fragrance:

Oud is extracted from Agarwood, however, Oud is such a luxurious fragrance that it can be an oriental and woody fragrance. The unique scent of Oud is always distinguishable. Oud fragrance is used in attars, perfumes, and mists. The rich fragrance of oud varies according to the origin of wood it can be intense or mild woody depending on the nature of the wood from which it is extracted. Oud Women’s perfume is one of the most exotic perfumes all over the world. In addition to this Oudh are widely used in Bakhoors to adorn homes with fragrance.

The psychology behind fragrances:

Scents have an overpowering effect on the emotions of human beings. No wonder a lot of people are drawn to the fascinating world of aroma. Scents are used to cure stress, adorn the home, and elevate mood. The fragrance of a favorite dish can entice cravings for eating that dish. Similarly, the fragrance of freshly cut grass or fresh raindrops on sand has appealed to so many people that it has acquired the name of petrichor.  The fragrance of lavender is widely used in aroma therapy due to its therapeutic properties. It is the main ingredient in Bakhoor. The Sage scent is known for its purity and is used for purifying while meditation. Different scents have different effects on people according to their moods, tastes, and situations. Therefore, selecting a fragrance according to the situation is necessary. Scents air freshener sprays are used to fill the living space with your favorite fragrance.

Every fragrance has its own aura which has different impacts on different people. If a person likes aquatic fragrances he will be fascinated by fresh fragrances but he may not get inspired by spicy fragrances. A few people like floral fragrances due to their soft nature. Their soft nature is reflected in the fragrance of flowers. Some people use floral fragrances to express their nature. 

Research has shown that scents have a powerful effect on mood and behavior. Peppermint, a spicy fragrance is well known for its properties to create alertness, therefore, it is widely used in essential oils and aromatherapies to stay focused and alert.

In addition to influencing mood and behavior, scents can also evoke emotions such as the memory of a beloved. A particular scent used on a special occasion in the past can bring back memories of old times. For example, Dior Sauvage, men’s hug scent perfume, was created by its owner to bring back memories of mountainous adventures.

It's noticeable that every person has a different reaction to a particular scent. If one scent is calming to one, it can be stimulating for others. Therefore, scent selection according to taste and personality is important.


Scents have a strong impact on human beings. It can create soothing effects, evoke emotions, create memories, and much more. Moreover, the selection of aroma depends on taste, personality, and mood. The notes of different scents create different olfactory sensations, therefore, it is essential to select fragrances according to your choice. Check our versatile range of fragrances ranging from attar perfume online or angel mist perfumes to men’s expensive perfume or women’s perfume in a purple bottle.


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