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Exotic Journey of Scents: Exploring Perfumes for Women

by abdullah Farooq 03 Jan 2024
best women's fragrances

Women’s fragrances accentuate femininity and individuality. We find a sea of aromas that have a distinctive effect on our olfactory senses. Among all these scents, Hemani presents unique, well crafted and themed fragrances for her. Being a promoter of the best women's fragrances, Hemani takes pleasure in acing the quality, longevity, silage and chemistry of the best women's perfumes.  We would like to disclose the features of luxurious and expensive perfumes in comparison to less expensive perfumes so that you can have a better understanding of your perfume type. Hemani has diverse types of women’s perfumes which enhances its exclusivity inviting people with different choices and auras.

Chemistry Behind Eau De Perfume and Extrait De Perfume:

EDP vs EDT is the battle of intensity in which a perfume is made. Eau De Pafrum is one of the concentrated perfumes with a concentration of 20 to 40% essential oils which makes the perfume long-lasting and enriched in fragrances. However, Eaxtrait De perfumes also known as extracted perfumes are highly concentrated perfumes with a concentration of 15 to 20 % making them lavish and sumptuous with scents and enhancing their longevity. EDT perfumes are best for long-lasting impressions, evenings or capturing the moment. EDP are the best perfumes for daily use as they are finely crafted and long-lasting. Hemani has a wide range of Eau De Perfume made with intense care and historical features to provide varied choices for the customers.

   Silver Moon for Women

For example, Silver Moon for Women by Aijaz Aslam by Hemani is a splendid Eau De Parfum. It is well designed and crafted meticulously keeping its origin and history in perspective. It is based on a historical perfume Aventus for Her by Creed with a tinge of modernity. The concentration of oils and the complex process of three years through which Aventus came into being notifies the importance of this scent. Similarly, the scent of Silver Moon for Women by Aijaz Aslam is well-defined in its notes and chemistry of natural oils. While breaking down the symphony of notes of Silver Moon, we discover that top notes radiate fresh, woody and citrus Bergamot fragrance. After a while, a settling scent of middle notes takes place that indicates the fragrance of apple, fruits and musk. The base note sets in with an amber, soft and spicy scent. This captivating fragrance is the best perfume for feminine ladies.

luxurious scented perfumes

The Temptation of Mesmerising Expensive Perfume:

When you can have an aesthetic fragrance at a low price why do people look for expensive perfumes? Some perfumes are made through a complex procedure of extracting and filtering components for luxurious scented perfumes. These perfumes are rare and highly concentrated. Due to their limited nature, they are highly sought after by the connoisseurs of perfumes. The process of making such perfumes is costly and complex which ultimately makes them unique and expensive perfumes. Such perfumes usually have a rich and unique background, such as highly concentrated perfumes used by Egyptians during religious ceremonies and also by rich ladies. Similarly, during the age of Renaissance Loius XVII was also fond of sumptuous and rare perfumes.

Hemani has a collection of unique, luxurious and expensive perfumes. Such as:

Reine Du Jardin Perfume is a unique perfume for women with unique tastes. The deep black heavy bottled perfume encased with an accentuated gold plate has a vibrant and vivacious fragrance that lasts longer than 6 hours. The aroma of this perfume emanates with an initial scent of spicy Galbanum and clove, then proceeds into sensual Jasmine, known as the Queen of Garden along with the deepening aroma of Rose. The final note sets in with the aroma of heavy musk which lasts long for the rest of time.

Oudh perfume for women

Rooh e Ramzan – Intnse Oud EDP:

A special fragrance with Arabic roots known as Oudh perfume for women is one of the most expensive fragrances due to its components and extraction process.  Rooh e Ramzan- Intense oudh perfume by Hemani is one of the Oudh Perfume series designed for women with divine taste. It enhances the spirituality of the people around them.  The richly concentrated and lasting perfume for women has a touch of oriental and woody fragrance. The top scent consists of saffron and leather scent. Middle notes present the aroma of Rose and Violet which gives the pleasure of walking in the garden of flowers. The base note and long-lasting note present the scent of Maltol, Patchouli, Dry Amber and Oud wood.

women's perfumes in purple bottles

Women's Perfume in Purple Bottle:

The perfumes that give out the scent of mystique and dark aroma and delightful and elegant aroma simultaneously are the women's perfumes in purple bottles. These perfumes are a perfect match for confident, passionate and adventurous women. Hemani presents women's perfumes in purple bottles at affordable prices, such as,

Giselle Mini Perfume 

The fresh, fruity and floral fragrance encapsulated in a purple bottle is not only for scene but a piece of artefact to admire. The top note of this unique perfume comprises Bergamot, Currant leaves and Lime. The middle note gives away the scent of Magnolia and Apple tree Blossom giving the fruity taste. The final note sets in with the aroma of Blond Woods and Toffee.

Explore more fragrances on the website of Hemani at affordable prices.

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