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Revival of Traditional Scent: Attar Perfume Oil

by abdullah Farooq 02 Feb 2024

Scents carry stories along with it. Passing through the deserts of Arabia, a Persian originated scent carried the emotions and feelings of thousands of generations with it to the western horizon. It tells the tales of traditions, cultures and anecdotes of its voyages. According to Vogue Attars perfumes are likely to come back in fashion due to its versatility and evergreen fragrance. Hemani is an international brand that brings forth refined Attars with traditional and contemporary touch.

Attars perfumes

Attars are the symbol of purity, it’s a heritage brought down by the connoisseurs of fragrances. Attar is used and shared by people which is a symbol of togetherness.  Our latest collection of attars is an incarnation of ancient treasure that has been admired for ages.

Revival of age-old heritage:

Attars were used in ancient times in religious ceremonies, get together and for important occasions too. Attars have a special significance in daily usage as well for special events. Attars are long lasting and have ethereal fragrance. Due to its ethereal fragrance, everlasting notes attars have made a comeback in modern world perfumes. Attars are now extensively used world wide as it is the purest form of scents, free of chemicals and ever lasting fragrance. Due to its versatile usage and evergreen shelf life, it is more than ever in demand in the modern world of scents.


Confluence of west and east:

Hemani has created a mystique piece of mastery by taking traditional ways to create original fragrance and blend it with some different oils to make it an innovative scent. Having the origin of Arabia and Persia, Attar perfume oil has a luxurious earthy fragrance of Oud. Oud oil extracted through the rarest wood of Agar which reminds of its origins. The addition of the soothing fragrance of different herbs adds a western aroma in Attars. Therefore, our Attars are a mystical combination of east and west.

Check this Oud Az- Zahra Eau de Perfume which has the composition of Oud as well as herbs such as Rose, Violet and other spices. The top note consists of Saffron and Bergamot whereas the middle note exudes aroma of lavender, rose and violet. The heart note consists of white amber, musk and Oud.

Attar perfume oils

The exceptional allure of Hemani Attar Perfume oils:

Attar is Arabic or Persian word used for perfume, being originated from the land of sand dunes, it has the most earthy fragrance. The Hemani Attar fragrance is cent percent pure without the tinge of alcohol making it rich and concentrated perfume oil. Moreover, our Attar perfume oils are made through an organic process of distillation and are most concentrated scents as it only contains extracted oils.

Evergreen Attar perfumes by Hemani:

Delve into the evergreen aroma of Attar perfume oil. Attar perfumes are made through an intricate process of distillation. Our Attars perfume oils are extracted from organic wood, spices or plants. Oils are carefully mixed in appropriate ratios without adding alcohol due to which the shelf life of Attar perfume oils are evergreen. Our Attar perfume oils never expire, buy today our evergreen scents and enjoy the fragrance till the end!

Nada by Hemani

Check this exceptional Arabian deluxe aroma. Nada by Hemani has a luxurious scent of Amber, Rose, Musk and Oud. The aura of Nada Attaris warm and spicy, perfect for late night dinners or any other special occasion.

Hundred percent pure scent by Hemani:

Attar perfume oils are extracted through the distillation process and no other chemical is added; therefore, our Attar perfume oils are organic and safe for sensitive skin. Special care is taken while crafting Attar perfume oils, oils are mixed in fixed proportions with basic oils and no alcohol is added. Therefore, our Attars are the most concentrated scents and are used in religious rituals as well as in regular days.

Symphony of fragrances Orchestrated by Hemani:

Our Attars are crafted on basic fragrance and further aroma is added in fixed proportions. Unlike other perfumes, Attar perfume oils do not have different fragrances since a few extracted oils are added. Generaly Attars have two or three basic notes that are long lasting and spread to nearby space only. Since our Attar perfume oil does not have alcohol or carrier oils, therefore, it does not evaporate or spread to far places. Connoisseurs of scents opine that Attars are for the people who are close to our heart. It’s the best gift for people who are near and dear to us.

Check out our Orchid Attar, which has an opulent fragrance of sandalwood, and orchid flowers. The luxurious fragrance of orchid flowers exhibits the aura of walking in floral garden of orchids.

Attar perfume oils

Closing Words:

We have seen in retrospect the usage and significance of Attar perfume oils and its demand in the modern world. Hemani being an international brand caters to the needs of its customer. It provides organic, alcohol free Attar perfume oils from all over the world. We bring pure and concentrated Attars that are hygienic to use, environment friendly and that too at affordable prices. Our evergreen and long-lasting attar perfumes are the best addition for you. Check our collection of ethereal perfume oils.

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