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Aromatherapy and deodorant

by abdullah Farooq 19 Feb 2024

Fragrances are quintessential in our daily life. Scents and fragrances speak about personality and aura that a person holds. Among all sorts of fragrances deodorants are one of its kind. Hemani fragrances have unique sorts of deodorants that not only provide aesthetic aroma but also prevent germs through antiperspirants. Deodorant sprays are available in exotic fragrances along with medicated features for better hygiene. The relaxing aroma of various herbs can be helpful in healing depression, anxiety or headaches. The calmness of lavender, agarwood, sage and galbanum is therapeutic and its importance in aromatherapy can never be denied.

Deodorant sprays

Check out our wide range deodorant for men and deodorants for women with different symphonies of aroma. A few deodorants are a blend of floral and woody notes that are not gender specific. Unisex deodorants have a separate fan base that are widely used by men as well as women.

  • Intensity Deodorant for him:

    Intensity Deodorant for him

    Hemani Intensity deodorant belongs to the Chypre olfactory family. This unique deodorant spray is designed on the inspiration of Cigar Remy Latour which is the voice of masculine odour. Intensity deodorant spray for men has a blend of floral, musk, cedar with the dominant fragrance of tobacco. The unique fragrance opens with sweet fruity odour of Plum, pineapple, bergamot which transitions in to herbal notes of bay leaf, Marigold, Geranium and jasmine and leave the projection of tobacco, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. The sweet tobacco fragrance is a dominant factor of this deodorant spray. The blend of sandalwood, cedar and musk adds to the long silage and earthy fragrance of the gentleman. Along with this ethereal fragrance the antiperspirant and organic antioxidants added in perfume makes it perfect for summers and high-end activity. 

  • Shiekh Al Arab Unisex Deodorant:
  • Shiekh Al Arab Unisex Deodorant

    Our special fragrance of Sheikh Al Arab is not only about aroma, its therapeutic as well. The herbal dominated fragrance along with rich scents of oud, musk and amber is quite relaxing after a hectic routine. It is formulated on the notes of Sheikh ul Shuyukh which has popular lavender as well as sage herbs in its aroma. The top notes of this deodorant spray include fresh lime, Bergamot, Spicy Green it then morphs into lily, rose, Geranium and violet ending in sandalwood, amber and musk. This ethereal unisex deodorant is quite mature and can be used by both men and women.

    The main accords include aromatic, woody, herbal and oudh which oozes freshness and detoxifies the environment. The earthy and woody notes take you to the virtual Himalayas or tropical mountains that give the sensation of peace. The most popular herb, the Sage, is used in this blend. Sage is known for its purifying quality imbued with grandmotherly energy. It nurtures your ability to think clearly and purify your soul.

    The ending notes of Sheikh al Arab unisex deodorant is patchouli, cedar and agarwood that brings warmth of wild. The longevity of fragrance gives the sensation of calmness for a long time.

    • Mystery Deodorant Spray for her:Mystery Deodorant Spray for her:

    Our Mystery deodorant spray for women carries secrets of femininity. As soon as the bottle is opened a gush floral scent exudes out of the bottle. All the notes of this perfume are floral that oozes softness and delight. The Mystery Deodorant spray for her takes after Rasasi Secret at a much affordable price. The opening notes start with refreshing raspberry, peach and apricot along with a touch of hyacinth and galbanum. It blends with heart notes of sensual rose and jasmine. Moving into the base notes powdery, musk, sandalwood, amber and cedar. The floral notes speak of youth and agility.  The floral notes of camellia offer eternal peace and apple blossom, peach and roses evoke sensations.

    The addition of rose, lilies and jasmine give the sublime experience of walking in the valley of flowers. Whereas, Camellia added as a symbol of love and devotion, gives the vibes warm camellia tea. A single spray oozes the feeling of spring mist. This bottled spring mist gently caressing blooming apple trees speaks of youth, softness and love. As the Chinese believe, the petals of Camellia flowers reflect the spirit and beauty of a woman. Similarly, this fragrance encapsulates elegance and charm of a lay.

    Therapeutic effects of aroma:

    Aroma is a delightful sensation as it is also beneficial for curing various diseases. Such as lavender is known for curing headaches. A lot of herbs are helpful in healing heart rate, depression and complex thoughts. Our deodorant sprays are crafted in a special way to cater the needs of customers along with taking care of hygiene. Our Deodorant sprays are manufactured with healing aroma along with antiperspirants to avoid any bacterial infection due to sweating.

    deodorants for women

    Organic Deodorants:

    Our deodorants are organic and free of harmful chemicals. Our deodorants spray does not contain alcohol which enhances longevity and projection of scent. Our deodorants are packed in reusable bottles to avoid any harm to the environment. 

    Final word:

    Hemani fragrances have aced the chemistry of fragrances. We strive to provide quality at a reasonable cost. We have a wide range of deodorants for men that offer unique fragrance. We also have green deodorant for men that is an herbal dominated fragrance for healing using aroma. The deodorants for women have envied scents and rich floral notes such as jasmine, rose and lilies of the valley. We offer the best deodorant fragrances that are perfect for hygiene that fits in the pocket.

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